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Five ways a Mentorship can scale up your startup

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A startup can have it all but yet struggle to figure out the best way to optimize available resources. Mentorship brings years of experience and expertise to the table nudging you in the right direction and helping you grow professionally as well as personally. A wise man once said to enjoy success one must learn from the mistakes of others and draw inspiration from the path-breaking success stories.

• Having the right mentor is more of an investment that boosts your ROI in the long run. A mentor can help you differentiate between the good and the disastrous decision.

• It enables you to gauge and understand the nuances of vertical industry and provide with great insights that promote traction and survivability with excellence.

• Entrepreneurship is a quality that cant be taught; however, when it comes to validating or funding your idea or steer the company through a rough patch, it’s an altogether different ballgame. A mentor can be your support through the testing times guiding through the path that leads to success.

• A mentor brings with him a pool of network that can be leveraged to bring in extended engagements and positive investors. A mentor can discuss and differentiate your viewpoints finding creative solutions to current problems.

• He helps you look beyond tactical issues and have a grander vision to approach the changing market dynamics.

• A mentor can help you target long term goals and work towards it through testing times. The initial phase of every startup is filled with trials and tribulations which can often demotivate you or cause depression.

It’s vital to be cognizant while choosing a mentor as the mentorship is a critical component of a successful startup as it helps sustain and grow business. The experiential knowledge comes handy right from market access, funding, technology or organization culture. A stable relationship with mentor takes your venture to a different level of engagement.

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