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Finway launches new cutting edge loan processing platform to promote entrepreneurship in India

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There is no dearth of entrepreneurial talent in India, neither the market is small or limited, the world’s third largest economy (in terms of PPP) could become an ideal place for businesses if the financial institutions improve their operation to envision the overall growth of the economy. Yes, unavailability of funds and lack of working capital are two biggest constraints before small businesses and startups, which should be addressed by banks/NBFCs through simple and easy lending policies as well as procedure. On similar premises, non-banking financial company Finway has introduced a new cutting edge loan processing platform to promote entrepreneurship, especially women entrepreneurship in India.

Finway revolutionises loan processing in India

Finway which works on 24 hours Turn Around Time is complementing its policies with India’s Ease of Doing Business objective. The Delhi-based NBFC is providing this service on its website and also through a mobile app. The aim is to revolutionise loan processing in India with AI and predictive technology.

Finway The platform open doors to new entrepreneurs to enter and progress in the finance industry. Finway experts educate candidates on how to sell products such as LAP, Business loan, Personal loan, home loans and loan against the property to customers in a flexible manner. The platform also allows prospects/customers to digitally utilise real-time information and thus make processes smooth and transparent from a customer’s standpoint. It is also an excellent opportunity for candidates to learn and earn from home.

For the same, Finway provides training to all the candidates and hence increased its reach across the country. Besides, the company commits to achieving a loan book of 50 crores and disbursing 200 crores by the end of 2019.

The company has always been committed to its vision – to empower people financially, and thus have already filed a patent in India for its new and innovative way of processing loans in real time. Through this initiative, Finway is massively promoting women entrepreneurship across India. To provide initial support, Finway has also announced free leads to new agents, which will truly give them a good start in the field of finance. According to Rachit Chawla, founder and CEO of Finway, “We will continue to introduce more such platforms and take newer initiatives to boost careers in finance.”

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